About PSM

Peiner SMAG Machinery India – PSM based in Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Ranipet near Chennai in South India is a Joint-Venture between SMAG Germany – which is the World’s Largest Independent Material Handling and Lifting Device Company and the Chidambaram Group (www.chidambaramgroup.com) – India’s Premier Marine, Offshore & Port Services Company.

PSM is the only dedicated Grab manufacturing facility in India and is the largest in Asia. We provide a wide range of Grabs to handle a variety of bulk cargoes in Ports, Ships, manufacturers of Cranes and Construction Machinery, Steel Mills, Waste-To-Energy Plants and Recycling/Scrap Handling Industries. We serve markets in India as well as globally.

Our factory is located inside a Special Economic Zone in Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, about 120 km away from the city of Chennai.

Peiner SMAG India Milestones

  • 2011 Registration of Peiner SMAG India.
  • 2012 Joint Venture agreement between SMAG and CSC Group.
  • 2013 Commencement of Factory Construction.
  • 2014 Inauguration of new factory and trial production.
  • 2015 Commercial production begins.
  • 2015 April 2015: Delivery of first SMAG Peiner grab from Indian Factory.
  • 2016 Delivered the biggest Grab ever made in India- 50.25 Cubic Metre Volume.
  • 2016 Delivered the first set of Excavator Grabs built in India.
  • 2017 Delivered the first set of Waste-To-Energy Grabs for India.
  • 2018 Delivered the biggest Grab ever built in India – 55 Cubic Metre Volume.
  • 2018 Upgraded Quality Management System certificate to ISO 9001:2015.