Products - Hydraulic Grabs

PSM Hydraulic Dual Scoop Grab | iHZG

  • The hydraulic dual-scoop Grab suits any Excavator or Material Handler. Such Grabs are available with one-piece traverse, with locking pin system or with flange-on system to ensure quick replacement of the scoops.
  • The robust large-volume bulk Grabs, that are suitable for any type of hydraulic excavator, are also ideal attachments for a large variety of applications such as ship/barge loading and unloading, civil construction, rake/rail-wagon loading and unloading, etc.
  • These Grabs are also ideal for use with hydraulic excavators in stacking/storage yards.

PSM Hydraulic Orange Peel Grab | iHMG

  • The robust hydraulic orange-peel grabs are perfectly suited to handle scrap, waste, rocks or recycling material. The individually driven scoops, that feature either an open, semi-open or fully-closed design, adapt perfectly to the material to be handled. The basic units are also available with different additional collision protection devices to withstand external impacts.

PSM Hydraulic Timber Grab | iHHG

  • The specially designed clamping devices of this product series feature an increased slewing angle to enable the grab to capture individual logs for example from corners of wagons as well as to hold individual logs with small diameters securely.
  • Timber Grabs with integrated leaf chain for bulk handling, e. g. in saw-mills, complete the vast Grab range.
  • These Grabs can handle bundles of timber and single logs of various diameters/sizes.