Products - Rope Grabs

PSM Four Rope Dual Scoop Grab | iVSG

  • These Grabs owe their name to the 2 holding and 2 closing ropes coming from the crane. An optimum balance between dead-weight and crane capacity provides maximum efficiency with low maintenance cost.
  • Optional dust covers improve environmental protection when handling fine-grained bulk goods.
  • Various lip designs are available to match your applications.
  • The world famous Light-weight yet Robust and Durable design of the Peiner 4-Rope Mechanical Grab is one of the key factors contributing to our market leadership in this product category.

PSM Four Rope Orange Peel Grab | iVMG

  • These Grabs are robust and powerful, require very low maintenance and have an extremely long service life. The perfect dead-weight/Grab capacity ratio ensures the Grab penetrates the bulk material easily.
  • The iVMG Grab type is ideal for use in incinerator plants and for handling steel scrap.

PSM Scissor Grab | iSCG

  • Based on the scissor principle and only 2-fold reeving of closing ropes, this Grab is ideal for quick and efficient ship unloading.
  • A low center of gravity prevents the Grab from overturning unintentionally.